February 2017

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The Corbyn Gene


Piers and Jeremy Corbyn

Not many people know this, but Jeremy Corbyn has a brother called Piers who is a well-known global warming sceptic. Seeing as Jeremy is a socialist, and Piers is a climate change sceptic, thereís no surprise that the two cannot be reconciled amongst those on either side of the political divide; those on the left tend to accept that anthropological global warming is a fact, whilst those on the right view socialism as an unworkable ideology, therefore both sides sit at odds with at least one of the Corbyn siblings.

Perhaps thatís why few people know of this relationship. Fearful of exposing a weakness in their arguments, those who debate politics or climate change never talk about the Corbyn brothers. They will talk about Jeremy or Piers, but never both at the same time.

It would be so easy to undermine someone advocating Jeremy Corbyn as having a good head for economics by drawing attention to his brother Piers who refuses to accept the scientific consensus on global warming. Likewise, anyone arguing against global warming scepticism could cite Piers Corbyn and highlight his relationship to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader who mistakenly believes that increasing taxes and raising the living wage actually makes people better off.

Of course, just because they are brothers doesnít mean they have to agree with each other, and it doesnít mean that one cannot be right whilst the other is wrong, whichever way around that may be.

Politically speaking Ė for the majority of the British public Ė Jeremy and Piers are mutually exclusive; they cannot both be correct in their views according to popular opinion. Demographically, Piers swings to the right and Jeremy to the left in the eyes of their audience.

Could it be that this mutual exclusivity dictates that not even the media talk about this relationship?

The Hitchens brothers, Peter and [the late] Christopher are a well known duo who also fit the mutually exclusive siblings label. But their disagreements were generally about religion as opposed to politics. With the Corbyn brothers itís politics all the way. Even though science is apolitical, Piersí conscientious will to ignore the scientific consensus and broadcast his own minority view to the world makes his approach a political one.

This isnít to say that Piers and Jeremy disagree when it comes to politics, but it is what they symbolise that puts them at odds with each other.

So, who is wrong and who is right? It could be that they are both correct in their beliefs, but there would be very few people who would agree that socialism is a workable ideology and anthropogenic global warming is a myth.

The only logical conclusion, based on evidence and statistics, is that Piers and Jeremy Corbyn are both wrong in their views. They have inherited the Corbyn Gene that renders them numerically challenged; an inability to make sense of the data put before them.

Unfortunately, far too many non-Corbyns seem to have inherited the Corbyn Gene too.

Thatís why we donít talk about the Corbyn brothers.