This is why I have a Dashcam

I’m on my way home from work and I stop at the traffic junction I stop at every night of the week, behind a car that looks like it might be struggling. The driver has drifted over to the kerb, so I give myself plenty of room to manoeuvre around the car if I get the signal he/she has broken down.

There are no hazard lights. The car does not indicate. I cannot even see the driver in the front seat. (Must be a very small driver) There are no signals or indications whatsoever. So I decide to overtake.

But – as I take off – the driver of the red Volvo puts the car into reverse and jolts backwards forcefully. Was this a mistake? I doubt it. More like an “insurance job” to me.

As I turn left, I look into my rear-view mirror and see the Volvo continue on its way across the junction as if nothing ever happened.

I could be wrong, but I think I had a lucky escape here.

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