Theresa May Brexit Speech – Subliminal BBC Messages

The BBC had all the subliminal messages ready to fire at the British public at the first sign that Theresa May was going for a “hard Brexit”.

Here’s a good example of how a “live” summary update of an important speech is embellished with text and images not relating to the subject, and that could only have come from prior preparation.


I had to look twice before I realised that the “EU-Canada deal” had nothing to do with Britain or Brexit. The reason I had to take a second glance was because, at first glance, it seemed as though Theresa May had struck a trade deal with Canada! Such was the synchronicity with May’s dialogue.

This was, in my cynical (but logical) opinion, an attempt by the BBC to send the message to us Brits; “look at what you’ll be missing – free trade with Canada – when you leave the EU.”

Yeah, Canada.

Maple syrup, perhaps?

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