There’s Always Good News in a Free Market Economy

Mark Carney
Mark Carney – Embarrassed by Brexit


A couple of weeks ago, BBC News skipped over – faster than lightning – the fact that the strength of the US Dollar was forcing prices upwards worldwide, not just here in the UK. I think it was on one of those numerous days after Brexit when GBP gained value against EUR, so they couldn’t exactly isolate GBP as a sole loser “because of Brexit”.

The BBC, the establishment, and economists themselves, are learning (or, more probably, are not) that there is no such thing as bad economic news in a free market economic system. The lesson they should be learning is that increased government interference in a free market economy and the imposition of a common currency within an ever-expanding group of countries (The EU) will produce more negative economic effects than positive.

We are already seeing the economic benefits of leaving the EU and we haven’t left yet! We are seeing the exact opposite of what we were promised would happen on a Leave vote – recession, job losses, an exodus of bankers from The City, etc.

If there was a second EU referendum (a re-run), how many of those who voted Remain would now vote Leave, seeing as the doom and gloom has turned out to be quite a rosy and bright future?

As long as we retain our own currency and remove the one-size-fits-all bureaucracy of the EU, we will always be Great Britain.

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