The Gift of Bad Timing – A Reply to Alan of BiasedBBC

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The majority of people who are going to be voting in the referendum do not think like we do, Alan. That’s why I said this is a small gift to the Brexit campaign – in fact, it could be a LARGE gift. I can’t agree with you that the BBC have been biased on the EU front with this issue, but I would agree with you that the BBC and Guardian have shown their usual political bias as far as attacking those who are most likely to represent the right of politics.

But the timing of the two is counter to both Cameron’s and the BBC/Guardian’s objective. I’m not sure what world-view you have, but to the people who have ‘next-to-nowt’, the correlation between a prime minister who has benefitted from an offshore investment (nothing wrong with that, but something that wealthy people do) and a nationwide leaflet-drop full of pro-EU propaganda, sent from Cameron himself, will not go unnoticed.

Forget everything else, the message is this: Vote to stay in the EU because wealthy people will benefit. Only today the IMF have stepped into the discussion saying we should stay in the EU. Barak Obama has stated we should remain in the EU.

These fuckwits are not concerned about Britain – they are concerned about their own interests. “Please don’t leave the EU, it’ll mess with our economies. The EU ‘s economy is on the verge of bankruptcy as it is without you Brits leaving!”

Why do you think all the people I know who voted Labour last year are intending to vote to leave the EU this year? And that was before the offshore investment debacle.

I’m not talking about the legalities of offshore investments. As I said – ” (even though my own parents might have similar offshore funds – shhh!).”

At the end of the day, I don’t see any BBC bias here, because any bias that might have been intended was negated by the unfortunate turn of events last week.A reply to Alan of BiasedBBC

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