The End of Democracy will come from The Left of Politics

It really is a f**ked up world we live in, and it’s the leftists who are causing it. Fake news has been around for decades (so what’s suddenly changed?), the word ‘democracy’ has been bandied about by the left to such an abusive level for years that its importance has been undermined, and the austerity we were ‘threatened’ with never materialised.

The left have been exposed for what most of us always knew they were; hypocrites! Using the word democracy as a trump card in speeches and political propaganda endlessly, using the NHS as a trump card when it comes to attacking anyone who dares question public spending, and complaining about austerity when there is no such thing.

This whole historic period we are currently living through exposes the truth about those on the left: They seek the power to dominate politics, and that requires the removal of democracy.

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