Supreme Court Article 50 Ruling

Many millions of British people felt for the first time in their lives that their vote counted; that their vote would make a real difference. Those same millions will be wondering if that rare moment in history will be taken away from them by the establishment once again.

The Supreme Court ruling on the triggering of Article 50 was to be expected, but that doesn’t lessen my disappointment. This isn’t about democracy; this is about placing an obstacle in the way of the will of the people. A technicality in law which ignores the will of British citizens.

Even if the judgement was the correct one, the fact is that the whole affair was purely instigated and dealt with by the wealthy, privileged, and out of touch. Another perfect example of exactly why we voted to leave the EU in the first place.

I will not give way! And I hope everyone else who voted for Brexit feel the same.

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