Nike Niqab

Nike Niqab
Nike Niqab

What are the depths some brands will go to, to keep themselves in the spotlight and increase profits?

What exactly is the itch that these companies cannot seem to scratch?

Why do they think that brand image and boarding the political and ideological bus will put them in a good light? Especially when most of their customers don’t give a shit about the message they are trying to convey – that Islam is a religion of peace and equality. Which it isn’t!

Pandering to a repressive ideology in which women are treated as possessions is not progress. Understanding the hijab/niqab/burka is to understand male insecurities and forcing women to hide from society because they will “tempt the flesh of those who are most easily tempted”.

Does Nike voluntarily get into bed with those who live within repressive societies – and those who live repressive lives in free societies – in order to liberate those repressed people? Or does Nike employ the Swedish method; the method in which you pander to the winning side (Nazis) until they start losing and then pander to the opposite side (UK and USA)?

Okay, so that’s just business. But, historically, business was never as compromising as it is today.

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