How the BBC lacks the understanding of “Bias”

John Humphrys’ response is typical of a BBC spokesperson. What Humphrys either hides or is genuinely naïve to, is the difference between those who complain he hasn’t done enough (those on the Left) and those who complain he has done too much (those on the right).
As I’m sure you can logically deduce, there is no awareness of bias at the BBC because the BBC ignores the context of the complaints and focusses too much on the numbers. If the BBC was the Nazi party, it would STILL receive equal amounts of complaints from both supporters and those against Nazism.
Just because the BBC receives criticism equally from left and right, does not prove the BBC is impartial.
It just proves the BBC has a duty to position itself in the middle. Currently, it is very much to the left – not left enough for some, and too left for others.

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