How Did Brexit and Trump Give Birth to “Fake News”?

Fake News
Old Fake News

Why has “fake news” suddenly hit the mainstream media by storm? Why are politicians and certain other spuds talking about it on a daily basis? It’s been around for at least half a century, but it’s only now that everyone seems to be taking notice. It’s as if The Establishment has taken a 50-year-delayed double-take and noticed that fake news is all around us!


Well, actually, The Establishment has always been aware of fake news. They just laughed at it – along with everyone else. In fact, most fake news is concocted by those who favour The Establishment above any other possible regime that would render them outside of their comfort zone.

But now they have been forced out of their comfort zones with the democratic vote for Brexit and the democratic vote for Trump, they realise that the “artistic licence” they have on fake news and post-truths  – which was a tool they have historically and consistently used to attack those they oppose, politically – is no longer effective, therefore they attempt to associate their own methods of misleading propaganda to the failure of the majority to vote for the “correct” outcome.

What is fake news?

Well, The Onion ( has been doing fake news for at least 25 years. They have been doing fake news so convincingly that their “news” stories have been taken as factual references on many occasions, and by people who should know better.

But, ironically, The Onion was biased in its weighted focus on Donald Trump in the run-up to the US election last year. If we’re talking about fake news, then we’re talking fake news against Trump.

Could it be that those who voted for Brexit did so on the promise that ALL the money we give to the EU (£350,000,000 per week) would be spent on the NHS?

Brexit Bus
Brexit Bus

Nope. There was never a promise to spend £350,000,000 per week on the NHS, as you can see from the picture of the Brexit Bus (above).

Actually, that’s labelled a “post-truth”. But for the sake of argument, they both have the same definition.

For too long The Establishment had its way. However, complacency is always the route to defeat.


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