Dianne Abbott – Does she really believe in fairies?

Dianne Abbott

Dianne Abbott, Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, is said to have admitted seeing fairies at the bottom of her garden. She was overheard making “jaw dropping” comments by customers at a Starbucks coffee shop (or it could have been Costa) in Islington, north London where Ms. Abbott was reported to have been drinking “a chocolate-looking drink with marshmallows on top” whilst sitting with two smartly-dressed male colleagues.

One witness reported one of the men sitting with the MP becoming agitated and raising his voice towards Ms. Abbott, saying something like, ‘No! You can’t say that, especially in public.’ The other man then leaned forward and said, ‘They don’t exist, Dianne. They’re not true’, to which Dianne Abbott replied, ‘I know that. I did not say “there are fairies at the bottom of my garden”. What I said was, “I saw fairies at the bottom of my garden”. Now, as you and I both know, they are two completely different things.’

Another witness remarked that Ms. Abbott seemed to be shaking her head defiantly as her two colleagues whispered aggressively at her whilst sheepishly looking around, out of the corners of their eyes, at the other coffee shop customers whose attention they had unwittingly attracted. ‘At one point’, the witness reported, ‘Ms. Abbott asked the two men about the fairies they had seen on a farm somewhere abroad, but one of the men told her that it was chickens they had seen, not fairies, and that the farm was in Worcestershire, not abroad.’

Eventually Ms. Abbott and her two acquaintances finished their drinks and left, but, as they were walking out of the coffee shop, Dianne Abbott said something like, ‘We’ll talk more about fairies when we get back to my surgery’, according to someone who had stuck an ear trumpet in their ear to hear more clear. One of the men responded by saying something along the lines of, ‘No we f***ing will not!’

When questioned about this incident, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, who was in the same coffee shop but sat at a table a long way away from where Dianne Abbott was sitting, said something like (or at least resembling), ‘Fairies? There’s no such thing as fairies. Are you sure she (Ms. Abbott) wasn’t talking about fairer taxes?’

‘No, she bloody wasn’t!’ replied another unknown person, ‘She was talking about seeing fairies at the bottom of her garden.’ To which Mr Corbyn walked out.

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