Political Correctness

Political correctness will destroy us all!

The Charlie Hebdo massacre, Russian bombers over Cornwall, Muslim paedophile gangs given immunity, Lee Rigby, Sharia Law creeping into our justice system, countless Greek bail-outs, etc. etc. etc. And all because our governments have become lily-livered in the wake of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS!

When will this self-imposed blinkering stop? How can we go on pretending that the ideology that we yearn for is already here??? How can we live our lives as if we already live in a perfect world, when we are far, so immensely far, from our goal?

Religious Privilege – yet again!

It all comes down to – yet again – religious privilege.

Here’s a recent news story [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-south-west-wales-31064998] about a Christian minister and her run-in with her car insurance company that refused to pay out because her car was covered in stickers promoting Christianity. Actually, if you read CAREFULLY, you will notice: “She was given 10 days to explain why she had not told them about the stickers, and an additional cigarette lighter point in the boot, when she took the policy out.”

But if this had been an atheist, she might be rejoicing!

Je Suis Charlie? – No, I am an individual!

Je suis Charlie?


No, I am an individual who wishes to remain so, rather than joining a group of people who think that mere protest and a show of outrage will quash the enthusiasm of the terrorists they are standing against. It is nothing more than a symbolic show of solidarity. It is an acknowledgement that the terrorists’ work is done. Mission accomplished!

If only it could be genuine solidarity. If only those millions of people could print off some Charlie Hebdo cartoons and hold them high in the air for everyone to see!

But that could sour the occasion. It could offend some Muslims. Even some of those Muslims who were present at the huge demonstration in Republique Square, Paris.

Against the backdrop of masses of people walking slowly and peacefully through the streets of Paris, some with “Je Suis Charlie ” placards, and some no doubt lighting candles, there is the frightening truth that, in this case, the terrorists have won.

The world’s media were reporting, but not fighting back. Clearly a shocking event that would have been a bit too close to home for comfort, as journalists report on the massacre of satirical cartoonists for a weekly publication, Charlie Hebdo, that is associated with the principle of free speech. But where were the visual references to the images that were supposedly so insulting?

The world’s media might not have been broadcasting them, but we were all looking them up on the internet. And there they are! Thank you Google. Basically, an own goal for the terrorists. Let’s buy all the back copies of Charlie Hebdo and let’s all subscribe.

Mind you, no amount of Charlie Hebdo subscriptions will alter the jihadist frame of mind. High profile is good! Especially if they die doing it, like the complete lemmings they are!

No. We have to turn the spotlight on ‘religious privilege’.

It was only a few years ago that the UK finally scrapped its blasphemy law. Let’s not beat about the bush here – that was a law against insulting Christianity. And some people want it to be brought back! Mind you, they are Muslims.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Christians and Jews would agree that a blasphemy law should be reinstated.

We seem to be stuck in a tug-o-war between tolerance and religious privilege. But it is much more complicated than that.

We have ‘political correctness’, ‘multiculturalism’, ‘social inclusion’, ‘freedom of speech’, and ‘democracy’, yet all of these things are acting against us when it comes to those who are intolerant of all the above! They use those ‘weaknesses’ in our social systems to attack us!

That isn’t to say that we should abandon our values.

Freedom of speech and democracy are good. Political correctness is bad (it is to blame for the Charlie Hebdo massacre). Multiculturalism and social inclusion have their place, but should not be used as trump cards to diminish a sensible approach to a social conundrum.

So, I am an individual. I do not belong to any organised religion. I do not have any designs on how other people should live their lives. As long as you are happy and I am happy – that’s enough. But for certain religious people, that is unsatisfactory. They cannot abide with the thought that their peaceful neighbours might not be living their lives according to an ancient religious ideology, even if it has NO impact on their own lives.

This isn’t about religious insults. This is about lack of control. This is about insecurity. This is about rebellion. This is about stupidity.

But then, we’re not allowed to call the religious “stupid”.

I am an individual – I am different to you.

The Horrible ’70’s

The 70’s was a horrible time to be a kid. We had no say and respected our elders with 100% trust. The amount of bullshit “education” fed to me and my schoolmates, and the amount of mental abuse imposed on us by various teachers throughout the years, had such a negative effect on us that we all wished there WOULD be a nuclear war!

So, schoolgirls were paying a fiver a time to spend time with Gary Glitter. Shouldn’t that have been the other way around? Shouldn’t Glitter have been paying the girls? ‘Supply and demand’ usurps all preconceived moral codes.

There are far too many people who have no experience of life in past decades passing judgement on those old wrinkly people who were living their lives the way that NORMAL lives were lived in those days. It’s a shame that 17th century Catholic witch-hunters aren’t still alive today, because maybe we could lynch them too and feel satisfied that we have voiced our outrage in public and vindicated ourselves of our sins and jump in the car and get a McDonalds drive-thru happy meal.

The NHS is buggered!

It was all a part of Labour’s plan to educate doctors here but employ doctors from outside the UK. We have excellent education here, and Labour recognised the monetary value of that (rather than the social value) so opened up the borders to use Britain as a centre for ‘knowledge trading’.

Honestly, a political party that maintains it exists in the interests of ‘everyday people’ (HA!), but can only see the world through the eyes of an abacus that consists of nothing but beads whose values can be changed according to the political will of the party, but that will still add up to the same total, no matter what!

Labour, and those who vote for them, are ignorant beyond belief. Ched Evans claims that his failure to secure a place at Oldham Athletic was down to ‘mob rule’.

Well Ched, that’s life! Get used to it! That’s democracy in a nutshell – people who know nothing about politics voting for people who know nothing about how to run a country!

Sausage Casserole – Culinary Abuse

What’s the point in sausage casserole?

A sausage is a burst of flavour in itself. It does not need to be added to loads of other flavours. A sausage needs bland surroundings – mashed potato, peas, and a bit of gravy. Perhaps beans and chips. But not added as a bulk meat substitute to what could be a fine casserole.

Casseroles need cheap cuts of meat that will cook down to a tender tasty mouthful of deliciousness, and not a sausage that will shed its condom in a deep sea of broth, eventually ending up in some poor sod’s mouth. Sausages are made to be eaten straight from the cooker, without spending hours in the bath!

Respect your sausage!

Why, oh why?


This is my first blog.

Why am I doing this? Why am I exposing my thoughts, frustrations, concerns, and observations to the world, rather than limit them to the safe, solid walls of my local pub inhabited by my harmless drinking buddies who are too drunk to care and certainly too drunk to remember my over-the-top rants?

Well, one reason is so I can remember what I have said myself. Another reason is because I have decided that arguing about life in the pub doesn’t exactly produce anything constructive or influence people’s lives in any way. Yeah, a lot of my arguments are based on utter bollocks, but I’m damned insistent on certain personal beliefs and observations.

Most of all, I feel the need to spread the word; that we are becoming far too complacent as a society. Politics and religion are holding hands ever tighter and seem to be conspiring against the lower classes and the poor to sustain their wealth and standing at the top of the social ladder. And when I talk about politics I’m talking about cross-party allegiances. Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrats. They are in it together!

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but there are some things which need to be exposed which could be considered conspiracies. Even if I’m mistaken and my suspicions are proven false, it’s always important to be cynical and yet keep an open mind. Thinking outside of the box is imperative if we are to see the whole picture. The eradication of poverty is always a nice thought, but at what cost? God banishes to Hell those who do not obey Him, but what would Jesus do?

I have spent many years listening to others with their bold claims that they have solutions to the world’s ills, but most of those claims do not stand up to scrutiny. Politicians cannot save the world – that is up to the people. We can save our own world if politicians stop forcing through ill thought out plans.

Let’s see if we can right a few wrongs.