Putin Misquoted

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday that North Koreans would rather “eat grass” than suspend a nuclear weapons program that has prompted the Trump administration to call for the toughest possible sanctions against Kim Jong-un’s isolated nation.

But it turns out that Putin was misquoted in what appears to be a “lost in translation” moment when it became apparent that the official interpreter had mistaken “Greggs” for “grass” and proceeded to assume the context of the statement.

What Putin actually said was; ‘North Koreans would rather eat Greggs and suspend [their] nuclear weapons program.’

Not surprising, seeing as Kim Jong-un owns the Pyongyang Greggs franchise and gets to eat as many pastry slices as he can stomach.  And, in order to persuade his North Korean citizens to buy Greggs savoury pastries, he takes every opportunity to order everything from the menu;  hence people with pens and jotters everywhere!

‘Steak bake’, Kim begins, ‘sausage bean and cheese slice, chicken katsu, cheese and onion, corned beef slice…’

But what about those rockets?

‘Merely a pastime’, replies Jong-un. ‘They’re actually giant party poppers disguised as nuclear weapons. They’re intended to be a happy surprise, but we haven’t perfected the deployment of the pink and yellow paper streamers on impact. That’s what’s worrying the United Nations.’

So it’s all cool. Let’s party.

Who Exactly are the “Nasty Party”?

After all the recent bullying and intimidation from those aligned to the left of politics – never mind all the ‘fake news’ they constantly spread – I get the worrying feeling that the coercive methods of propaganda employed by Adolph Hitler are hired once again in today’s politics. Funny how quickly we forget the past.

Actually… NOT funny! Of course not.

If Corbyn is courting the younger voter, he needs to do it responsibly. Young people have impressionable minds and are easy prey for politicians, fraudsters and religious movements; exactly the door to the mind that Adolph Hitler opened when he convinced Germany to give him the keys to world domination.

Think carefully! Who exactly is the nasty party?



This is why I have a Dashcam

I’m on my way home from work and I stop at the traffic junction I stop at every night of the week, behind a car that looks like it might be struggling. The driver has drifted over to the kerb, so I give myself plenty of room to manoeuvre around the car if I get the signal he/she has broken down.

There are no hazard lights. The car does not indicate. I cannot even see the driver in the front seat. (Must be a very small driver) There are no signals or indications whatsoever. So I decide to overtake.

But – as I take off – the driver of the red Volvo puts the car into reverse and jolts backwards forcefully. Was this a mistake? I doubt it. More like an “insurance job” to me.

As I turn left, I look into my rear-view mirror and see the Volvo continue on its way across the junction as if nothing ever happened.

I could be wrong, but I think I had a lucky escape here.

Overpopulation and a Willful Blindness

Hans Rosling - Babies! Each one a blessing
Hans Rosling


Technological advancements move us to increasingly comfortable and luxurious lifestyles with no upper limit, and measures of poverty – as opposed to poverty itself – move upwards accordingly.

A person classed as “living in poverty” in the western world lives a luxurious life relative to those in the poorest countries. But because poor people in the west are classed as living in poverty when they really are not, there is a relentless push upwards on standards of living and consumption where there is no need.

Of course, those who publicly highlight the plight of the poor in the UK and demand that more taxpayers money is spent on poverty are themselves most likely living very comfortable lives as middle-class citizens. They preach words of false compassion to wash away their own guilt. You only have to watch a Hollywood film awards bash and the A-list actors spewing out meretricious crap to see the hypocrisy, and get the message that most Leftist Wealthies will take any opportunity to whitewash their own money-laden guilt.

But who are these morons preaching to? They certainly wouldn’t be preaching to themselves. They don’t need an award ceremony to do that!

No, they’re preaching to the people who watch their films – their customers. Poor people! The idiots who watch those award ceremonies out of interest. People who dream of Hollywood fame, of the riches only A-listers can attract. The glamour! The Beverly Hills mansion with swimming pool. The pink Hummer.

So what has this got to do with over-population?

Simple – the richest people in the world will not sacrifice their lifestyles for the sake of the poor. Instead they demand that the lifestyles of the poor are improved. How that is done, they have no idea. But they shout about it.

A “race to the top” is as destructive as a “race to the bottom”. As long as we have ridiculous definitions regarding poverty in the developed world based on the average wage, the push towards greater levels of consumption will not cease.

I Must be a Nazi

BBC Radio 5 Live – Question Time Extra Timehttp://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b084crps

[Fast forward to 1 hr 46 mins]

The very first caller, a man called “Sammy” (?) claims that people who live in ‘the Shire counties’ (anyone outside of London and other big cities) are racist. Stephen Nolan, and his sidekick Chris Mason, treat this as some kind of revelation, rather than challenge the claim.

Listen and weep.

The EU – Biased Thoughts of Nick Robinson

This is the copy of a comment I posted on the BiasedBBC blog.nick-robinson

Nick Robinson attempts to associate the EU with Winston Churchill.

Ah! Here we go. I knew it… BBC EU Referendum “Reality Check”.

It should be renamed BBC EU Referendum Cherry-Picked Reality Check.

Funnily enough, I have been argu… debating with a number of pro-EU activists on my own blog/YouTube and have discovered that the EU has nothing to do with the last war and everything to do with Tsar Alexander, in the Congress of Aix-la-Chapelle of 1818.

I’m not sure why EU advocates are so keen to disassociate the EU with WWII, but I guess it is because – as we all know – the post-war EU project has already failed, so they need to streeeetch the history of the EU back to more historically and fashionably ‘glamorous’ times.

Nick Robinson is your typical BBC political journalist; spends lots of time with politicians, spends little time with the people of Britain. His knowledge is that of politicians – not of East Midlands furniture factory workers (for example).

Notice how he looks happy to visit the white cliffs of Dover [http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-35996621]. That in itself is a reminder of the last world war and a warning! PROJECT FEAR! Stay in the EU and we won’t have any more wars.

But how I would love to see him squirm standing outside Sneinton Library in Nottingham (for example) where east Europeans congregate to get drunk and end up intimidating every passer-by. (Even the library staff need to call the police on occasion before they can leave the building.)

As Nick ‘Politically Short-sighted’ Robinson (or is he longsighted?) writes: “There can be no facts about the future, only predictions. – Having said that, though, there are some facts when it comes to the past.”

OK Nick, what about “the present”?

Where are the facts about the present? Why can’t we talk about diminishing wages? Why can’t we talk about the strain on the NHS? – Not only the strain on the NHS but the lack of accountability of those foreigners using it? Why can’t we talk about the welfare benefits paid to migrants and how many ‘tax pounds’ the government needs to receive in order to pay ‘welfare pounds’ to a migrant who might have arrived in the country just a year ago.

The usual excuse is ‘they pay their taxes therefore…‘ or ‘there are a million Brits living elsewhere in the EU‘.

Yes, there are a million Brits living in the EU, but they are not economic migrants! They take money with them. I’m sure Spain will suffer if we vote to leave, therefore Spain – for all the threats of closing the border with Gibraltar – will come to their senses very quickly and realise they need us more than we need them. Now, that’s a FACT. I’ll say no more than that.

Fuck the EU.

The Gift of Bad Timing – A Reply to Alan of BiasedBBC

The BiasedBBC Post

The majority of people who are going to be voting in the referendum do not think like we do, Alan. That’s why I said this is a small gift to the Brexit campaign – in fact, it could be a LARGE gift. I can’t agree with you that the BBC have been biased on the EU front with this issue, but I would agree with you that the BBC and Guardian have shown their usual political bias as far as attacking those who are most likely to represent the right of politics.

But the timing of the two is counter to both Cameron’s and the BBC/Guardian’s objective. I’m not sure what world-view you have, but to the people who have ‘next-to-nowt’, the correlation between a prime minister who has benefitted from an offshore investment (nothing wrong with that, but something that wealthy people do) and a nationwide leaflet-drop full of pro-EU propaganda, sent from Cameron himself, will not go unnoticed.

Forget everything else, the message is this: Vote to stay in the EU because wealthy people will benefit. Only today the IMF have stepped into the discussion saying we should stay in the EU. Barak Obama has stated we should remain in the EU.

These fuckwits are not concerned about Britain – they are concerned about their own interests. “Please don’t leave the EU, it’ll mess with our economies. The EU ‘s economy is on the verge of bankruptcy as it is without you Brits leaving!”

Why do you think all the people I know who voted Labour last year are intending to vote to leave the EU this year? And that was before the offshore investment debacle.

I’m not talking about the legalities of offshore investments. As I said – ” (even though my own parents might have similar offshore funds – shhh!).”

At the end of the day, I don’t see any BBC bias here, because any bias that might have been intended was negated by the unfortunate turn of events last week.A reply to Alan of BiasedBBC