The ‘Living Wage’ – Making people poorer!

Nottinghamshire County Council have proudly announced that they have taken it upon themselves to award 2200 of their staff the ‘living wage’, as of April this year. The move will cost the council over £1m.

I don’t know about you, but don’t you think it’s arrogant of our local councils to take decisions above and beyond the people who fund them? Me and you?

Yes, it’s great news that thousands of their lowest paid workers will get a pay rise, but where does that leave the thousands who work in the private sector on the minimum wage? I just get the thought of those lucky council workers – now on the living wage – dancing around their unfortunate friends who work in minimum wage jobs, hectoring, “Look at my wad! Loadsamoney!!!”

OK, so maybe I’m over-reacting here, but there is an on-going concern (or at least an impression) that tax-payers are funding a public sector which has leaped ahead of those in the private sector regarding wages and very attractive pensions. I can’t help but think those high up in the council palaces are cutting services to save their own salaries and pensions, rather than freezing their pay and putting more money aside for those services being cut. It really does stink of peasants tolling to feed the king and his family.

It’s about time the public sector looked at itself and based its spending and pay structures on the real world rather than their ideal world. You might have an ideology, but forcing your ideal into practice at others’ expense is morally wrong!

Nottinghamshire County Council needs to wake up! Cutting services at the same time as awarding the living wage to thousands of their own staff is wrong, whichever way you look at it.