The Corbyn Gene

Piers and Jeremy Corbyn
Piers and Jeremy Corbyn

Not many people know this, but Jeremy Corbyn has a brother called Piers who is a well-known global warming sceptic. Seeing as Jeremy is a socialist, and Piers is a climate change sceptic, there’s no surprise that the two cannot be reconciled amongst those on either side of the political divide; those on the left tend to accept that anthropological global warming is a fact, whilst those on the right view socialism as an unworkable ideology, therefore both sides sit at odds with at least one of the Corbyn siblings.

Perhaps that’s why few people know of this relationship. Fearful of exposing a weakness in their arguments, those who debate politics or climate change never talk about the Corbyn brothers. They will talk about Jeremy or Piers, but never both at the same time.

It would be so easy to undermine someone advocating Jeremy Corbyn as having a good head for economics by drawing attention to his brother Piers who refuses to accept the scientific consensus on global warming. Likewise, anyone arguing against global warming scepticism could cite Piers Corbyn and highlight his relationship to Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party leader who mistakenly believes that increasing taxes and raising the living wage actually makes people better off.

Of course, just because they are brothers doesn’t mean they have to agree with each other, and it doesn’t mean that one cannot be right whilst the other is wrong, whichever way around that may be.

Politically speaking – for the majority of the British public – Jeremy and Piers are mutually exclusive; they cannot both be correct in their views according to popular opinion. Demographically, Piers swings to the right and Jeremy to the left in the eyes of their audience.

Could it be that this mutual exclusivity dictates that not even the media talk about this relationship?

The Hitchens brothers, Peter and [the late] Christopher are a well known duo who also fit the mutually exclusive siblings label. But their disagreements were generally about religion as opposed to politics. With the Corbyn brothers it’s politics all the way. Even though science is apolitical, Piers’ conscientious will to ignore the scientific consensus and broadcast his own minority view to the world makes his approach a political one.

This isn’t to say that Piers and Jeremy disagree when it comes to politics, but it is what they symbolise that puts them at odds with each other.

So, who is wrong and who is right? It could be that they are both correct in their beliefs, but there would be very few people who would agree that socialism is a workable ideology and anthropogenic global warming is a myth.

The only logical conclusion, based on evidence and statistics, is that Piers and Jeremy Corbyn are both wrong in their views. They have inherited the Corbyn Gene that renders them numerically challenged; an inability to make sense of the data put before them.

Unfortunately, far too many non-Corbyns seem to have inherited the Corbyn Gene too.

That’s why we don’t talk about the Corbyn brothers.

Supreme Court Article 50 Ruling

Many millions of British people felt for the first time in their lives that their vote counted; that their vote would make a real difference. Those same millions will be wondering if that rare moment in history will be taken away from them by the establishment once again.

The Supreme Court ruling on the triggering of Article 50 was to be expected, but that doesn’t lessen my disappointment. This isn’t about democracy; this is about placing an obstacle in the way of the will of the people. A technicality in law which ignores the will of British citizens.

Even if the judgement was the correct one, the fact is that the whole affair was purely instigated and dealt with by the wealthy, privileged, and out of touch. Another perfect example of exactly why we voted to leave the EU in the first place.

I will not give way! And I hope everyone else who voted for Brexit feel the same.

Theresa May Brexit Speech – Subliminal BBC Messages

The BBC had all the subliminal messages ready to fire at the British public at the first sign that Theresa May was going for a “hard Brexit”.

Here’s a good example of how a “live” summary update of an important speech is embellished with text and images not relating to the subject, and that could only have come from prior preparation.


I had to look twice before I realised that the “EU-Canada deal” had nothing to do with Britain or Brexit. The reason I had to take a second glance was because, at first glance, it seemed as though Theresa May had struck a trade deal with Canada! Such was the synchronicity with May’s dialogue.

This was, in my cynical (but logical) opinion, an attempt by the BBC to send the message to us Brits; “look at what you’ll be missing – free trade with Canada – when you leave the EU.”

Yeah, Canada.

Maple syrup, perhaps?

Dianne Abbott – Does she really believe in fairies?

Dianne Abbott

Dianne Abbott, Member of Parliament for Hackney North and Stoke Newington, is said to have admitted seeing fairies at the bottom of her garden. She was overheard making “jaw dropping” comments by customers at a Starbucks coffee shop (or it could have been Costa) in Islington, north London where Ms. Abbott was reported to have been drinking “a chocolate-looking drink with marshmallows on top” whilst sitting with two smartly-dressed male colleagues.

One witness reported one of the men sitting with the MP becoming agitated and raising his voice towards Ms. Abbott, saying something like, ‘No! You can’t say that, especially in public.’ The other man then leaned forward and said, ‘They don’t exist, Dianne. They’re not true’, to which Dianne Abbott replied, ‘I know that. I did not say “there are fairies at the bottom of my garden”. What I said was, “I saw fairies at the bottom of my garden”. Now, as you and I both know, they are two completely different things.’

Another witness remarked that Ms. Abbott seemed to be shaking her head defiantly as her two colleagues whispered aggressively at her whilst sheepishly looking around, out of the corners of their eyes, at the other coffee shop customers whose attention they had unwittingly attracted. ‘At one point’, the witness reported, ‘Ms. Abbott asked the two men about the fairies they had seen on a farm somewhere abroad, but one of the men told her that it was chickens they had seen, not fairies, and that the farm was in Worcestershire, not abroad.’

Eventually Ms. Abbott and her two acquaintances finished their drinks and left, but, as they were walking out of the coffee shop, Dianne Abbott said something like, ‘We’ll talk more about fairies when we get back to my surgery’, according to someone who had stuck an ear trumpet in their ear to hear more clear. One of the men responded by saying something along the lines of, ‘No we f***ing will not!’

When questioned about this incident, Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour Party, who was in the same coffee shop but sat at a table a long way away from where Dianne Abbott was sitting, said something like (or at least resembling), ‘Fairies? There’s no such thing as fairies. Are you sure she (Ms. Abbott) wasn’t talking about fairer taxes?’

‘No, she bloody wasn’t!’ replied another unknown person, ‘She was talking about seeing fairies at the bottom of her garden.’ To which Mr Corbyn walked out.

Another Example of BBC Bias…

Titled: Ways Trump’s victory might affect the UK

This is a blatant and biased anti-Trump publication by the BBC. Read it. Then do the maths. (or “math” if you’re from north America)

“The UK, European and Asian markets initially fell on news of America’s seismic election result. Many markets then largely recovered. ”

Actually, as the news was breaking of Trump’s triumph, UK sterling jumped in value to 1.14 EUR from 1.11 – that’s a SIGNIFICANT short-term change in value! Today, it stands at 1.15 – even better!

“But in the longer term? The euro also strengthened in early trading, up 0.4% higher against the dollar. But the pound is still a long way beneath where it was before the Brexit vote.”

Hmmn… Yes it is, but <i>just before</i> the result of the EU Referendum, the pound had risen in value to ridiculous levels on the expectation that the country would vote to remain in the EU.

As it is, the pound is just below where it was just over 3 years ago, long before there was even mention of an EU referendum.

Parity will prevail. Do not allow those who will lose most to instil panic within you. What do you have to lose?

Public Sector Employees Still More Sick than Private Sector

Here’s an interesting article:

“The public sector has, traditionally, suffered from higher rates of sickness absence, compared with the private sector.
The trend continues with this year’s figures, with public-sector organisations experiencing a median of 3.5% of working time lost due to sickness absence – equivalent to 8.1 days per employee – while private-sector services organisations lost a median of 2.2% of working time, translating as 5.1 days per employee.

Noelle Murphy, author of the XpertHR report, points out that average sickness absence in the public sector has fallen, and goes on to say;

“Certainly, cost cutting will have contributed to fluctuations in absence figures within this sector, but we know that it is the consistent, proactive management of absence – through measuring, monitoring and intervention – that leads to a permanent decrease.”

What Noelle Murphy reveals – perhaps unwittingly – is that the public sector has been historically lenient on absence, and now, when job security is threatened and absence from work is scrutinised more stringently, public sector employees are faced with private sector realities; realities that those in the private sector face up to on a daily basis and have been doing so since the industrial revolution.

The Stats that expose Glastonbury as more crime ridden than Notting Hill!

1000We all know how the Notting Hill carnival has a reputation for violent crime, but did you know that the Glastonbury festival attracts more crime per capita?

Here are the statistics for the previous 2 years.

Notting Hill Carnival

Attendance: 2,000,000—by-numbers/

Arrests: 252 (2014) – 314 (2015)

1 arrest per 7936 people (2014)
1 arrest per 6369 people (2015)


Attendance: 175,000

Arrests: 66 (2014) – 54 (2015)

1 arrest per 2651 people (2014)
1 arrest per 3241 people (2015)

There have been at least twice as many arrests per capita at Glastonbury than at the Notting Hill carnival. In 2013 there were 170 arrests at Glastonbury ( and 279 at Notting Hill ( which calculates at 7 times(!!!) more arrests per capita at Glastonbury than Notting Hill.

Food for thought.

BBC Bias Mistake?

I went to the BBC home page to see an article titled “Which EU countries have the most citizens living in the UK?bbcnonbiasedtitle bbcbiasedtitle


I clicked through to the article [] to find this – “Reality Check: Which EU countries contribute most to UK population?

Contribute? CONTRIBUTE???

I think the BBC have fucked up here BIG time! The reason I took screen shots was because I’m sure they will change the wording when they realise the error of their ways.

Brexit the Movie (Criticism)


I had been looking forward to watching this film over the last week or so, and finally found time to do just that.

Just to piss on everyone’s parade (as usual), I have to point out a few fatal flaws.

Martin Durkin (the writer and presenter of the film) cannot hide his own bias. It isn’t until we get to [00:32:32] that he exposes his own take on EU bureaucracy by acting out – in a Charlie Chaplin style – the rubber-stamping of EU documents.

Irrespective of what Martin Durkin’s views are on the EU, to mock in such a fashion is biased by anyone’s standards, even if it is true!

He also fails to impress when he says that EU trade deals are “rubbish” when compared to some other countries such as Singapore and South Korea. It isn’t that he isn’t speaking the truth – it’s that he’s broadcasting a personal opinion despite the need for impartiality to retain credibility as the voice, eyes and ears of the ignorant public. Martin Durkin has voiced a personal opinion, and that is a BIG no-no when it comes to journalism!

Then there’s the scene at the fish market. Very misleading!

I’m sure Mr Durkin enjoyed a nice hotel breakfast and an extra mug of coffee before he ventured out to the fish “auction”.

There is no such thing as a Fish Auction! As you see in the film, it is a “Fish Market” It is also very obvious that the film crew arrived there at about midday when the market would have opened at about 3am! What we are seeing here is the shit fish that no one wants and the people willing to barter for it.

As a film, it is an excellent piece of production, but, sadly, people will see through Martin Durkin’s bias. And that is regrettable.

Stop talking about the Brussels attack!

Every word of outrage, every ‘day of mourning’, every declaration of solidarity with the innocent, every second of media coverage, every shed tear, and every political statement of compassion for the victims, is kudos for the terrorists!

The media and politicians are making matters worse by prolonging the pain. Why on earth did Belgium declare 3 days of mourning? To me, that’s nothing more than 3 days of wallowing in self-pity! That’s 3 more valuable days that the terrorists take away as victories!

The dead and the wounded don’t want us standing around waving “je suis Belgique” banners and singing songs of defiance – they want us to take action so no one else gets hurt.

And what are our politicians doing about this? FUCK ALL!!!

Because they’re all career politicians who know nothing about how to handle extraordinary events outside of their politically correct remit. They don’t understand that living a privileged life – where you don’t have to mix with the ‘common people’ – is the opposite of multiculturalism! They are all blinded by bureaucracy and economics, because your vote counts on the basis that you will be happy in your wallet come the next election. And immigration is good for the economy, even if it does bring dangers.

But this goes far beyond economics. Money cannot buy happiness, so it’s time to shut up shop folks. Britain needs to pull down the shutters and go on a vacation for a while. Britain needs to rebalance its population and politics. Lefties are always happy to remind us all that Britain is no longer an empire or a significant player internationally, and I couldn’t agree more.

That’s all the more reason we should take a back seat, leave the EU, withdraw foreign aid, and lay low for a while whilst the rest of the world make a complete mess of things and come back – cap in hand – to the wisdom of the nation that started something good, but which turned bad when the rest of the world decided they could do it themselves.

Obviously, they can’t.