BBC Bias – Anna Foster fails to be impartial


BBC bias doesn’t come as obvious as this very often, but the way Anna Foster delivers this brief segment of the BBC’s radio ‘5live Drive’ programme is a perfect example of skewed journalism and an attempt to present a person who has entered the UK illegally, but has since been granted asylum, as an example of the norm. He’s studying for a master’s degree which will help him rebuild Syria once the fighting has stopped. So let’s take them all in, yeah?

Notice how Anna is reluctant to ask why he travelled across so many safe countries when she points out that the question is commonly sent in by text message! It’s as if she has no notion of the reality of the question, and that it is ‘other people’ who are asking it. Even children studying geography at school would notice this glaring inconsistency!

A cowardly interview. A crime against impartiality!

BBC Twisting Good News into Bad!

brexitThe BBC don’t even attempt to hide their bias when it comes to certain news stories, especially when it comes to economics. They follow positive news with a “but” or “however”, implying that what they say next negates – in some way – the good news.

Here’s an example:
Shoppers’ credit card use unaffected by Brexit, say banks

There were 168 million purchases on credit cards in July – the first full month since the Brexit vote.

This was higher than in June and the average of the previous six months.

*However*, there was a drop in the number of mortgages approved for house purchases.

Not strictly a “good news” story, but it’s a story that goes completely against the expectations of Remain campaigners and all who stood on their side of the divide. Were the BBC on their side of the divide? You bet! Otherwise, why the “however…“?

If you’ve read the article, you might have already noticed that the 2 stories (credit card usage and mortgage approvals) are, in lots of ways, unconnected. Mainly because the British Bankers’ Association (BBA) stated; “This could suggest that those planning to buy a home may have taken a wait-and-see approach with home loan applications during the referendum campaign.”

The referendum campaign ran for many months up until June 22nd, so what has that got to do with increased credit card usage in July? A clear sign that consumer confidence has not waned.

Economics is a complicated subject. The BBC are either lacking experts in this field, or are intent on hoodwinking the country when it comes to economics for political reasons.

Sinister! Very sinister!

Sanctimonious BBC Bullshit

When I watched the BBC clip first time around I felt something very familiar in the exaggerated response from Ruqaiya Haris. Then I realised what it was.

Back in the mid-Eighties I worked in a wine merchant shop (off-licence) near Clapham Junction. One day a couple of women (about my age at the time – 20) came into the shop and browsed the wines. I remember both of them looking like tomboy/skinhead types, and were perhaps a same-sex couple. Who knows? Who cares?

Then, to my astonishment, they both came up to me at the counter and accused me of being a racist! They informed me that because there was South African wine on our shelves, I was promoting South African Apartheid and should be ashamed of myself.

The thought had never crossed my mind (I was only 20 years old, and a simple working-class lad from “up north”) but these two women – who had obviously only entered the shop to check out the South African wine situation – pissed me off royally.

I threw them out!

They got into their little car and, as they pulled away, I gave them 2 fingers. THEY STOPPED ABRUPTLY! They both got out and walked briskly towards the door where I was standing – the door which I then locked. As one of them pushed the door, in vain, I smiled the biggest smile I could muster. They both shouted something (which I cannot remember), gave up and returned to their little car (it was as small as a Renault 5, and might actually have been a Renault 5) and drove away.

That was one experience early in my adult life that had a major influence on my political views in later years. I came to the conclusion that some people enjoy satisfying themselves with petty sanctimonious acts. They feel they can sleep well at night as long as they let other people know just how “right” they are, without doing anything tangible to help the people they are so concerned about.

It took another decade for me to realise that this approach is almost always associated with those on the Left of politics.

And so it is with Ruqaiya Haris. Her reaction to the guy with sunglasses is the same as the reaction I received in the shop I was working in. It’s nothing but faux outrage – they are not offended! They are scoring “moral” points – they are holier-than-thou!

The BBC are experts at acting in this way. When will they be brought to judgment?

BBC East Midlands Today brazenly does it yet again!

[@ 06:00 minutes]

Using the Premier League success of Leicester City FC to shoehorn in a story about how communities from around the world – now living in Leicester – are coming together in a cohesive mass of celebration whilst integrating into society at the same time.

This is blatant left-wing bullshit propaganda! This is the sort of bias the BBC is renowned for, and yet they still make the same mistakes, again and again. They take the people of the East Midlands for fools! They patronise us on a daily basis.

Whoever is responsible for this “news” story needs a slap across the face and told to WAKE UP to reality!

How does the BBC cope with controversial news stories?

A 32-year-old man has been arrested after a Glasgow shopkeeper was killed in what Police Scotland are treating as a “religiously prejudiced” attack.

Asad Shah, 40, was found seriously injured in Minard Road, Shawlands, at about 21:05 GMT on Thursday. He died in hospital.

The incident happened hours after he apparently posted social media messages wishing his customers a happy Easter.

Police said both Mr Shah and the arrested man were Muslims.
A post on Thursday from an account that appears to be Mr Shah’s said: “Good Friday and very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation x!”
Mr Shah was taken to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.



I don’t believe the BBC are religiously biased. As an atheist and member of the National Secular Society (NSS) I haven’t seen any BBC output that I would regard as ‘pro-religion’. And if the BBC were biased in any way towards religion or any particular religion then I would expect the NSS to be campaigning against it. If anyone should pick up on BBC religious bias, it would be those who are genuinely secular in their political views.

However, I was also scratching my head as to why the BBC were holding back with the full details of this story.

Surely, if someone has been killed as a result of ‘religious prejudice’ (which happens all the time in Northern Ireland), there’s no point reporting it if you’re not going to state the religions of the people involved. It is effectively a NON-STORY!

Of course, the BBC have subsequently included the facts in their reporting, which is basically an admission that they were wrong in the first place to omit such information, but this is a perfect example of BBC political bias and not religious.

This story does not entice people to Islam. This story does not put Muslims in a good light. This story does not favour Islam over Christianity or any other religion. Therefore the BBC have not promoted Islam in any way.

BUT! This story is more about the BBC and how they report controversial news stories in a way that minimises the incrimination of ‘the guilty’. Perhaps they have a duty to follow that process, otherwise they could be accused of bias against the accused.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Religious impartiality should not be misinterpreted as bias against [INSERT YOUR RELIGION HERE].

BBC Nottingham – Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown


Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown show banned by council

This is Gloria De Piero‘s Labour council by the way, but no BBC mention of this fact. No mention of Labour at all. Wouldn’t it be so much different if it was neighbouring (Conservative) Broxtowe Borough Council that had banned this show? Anna Soubry‘s name would have been prominent and the story would no doubt subtly condemn the tory minister.

BBC Radio 5live – Stephen Nolan Bias

Stephen Nolan implies that caller ‘Nicholas in Norwich’ is blaming immigrants for the strain on the UK’s infrastructure and environment when, in fact, Nicholas is commenting on his concerns over population levels and the negative impact that losing green areas in the UK is not good for anyone.
Nicholas made a valid common-sense comment which was clearly not anti-immigration, yet Stephen Nolan decides to steer the rhetoric towards an issue of xenophobia.
Listen, and prepare yourself for an astonishing piece of biased journalism from Stephen Nolan…

BBC Radio Nottingham – Politically Correct

The Mark Dennison show goes live to a school in Nottingham for ‘BBC School Report News Day’ where some of the pupils are spoken to about which news stories they have been researching.
Naturally, the boys are generally choosing football stories, but a couple of the children seem to have picked political issues. One of these issues is ‘zero hours contracts’ which raises the eyebrow somewhat.
Did that young girl really choose zero hours contracts as her chosen subject to ‘research’? Or is it more likely the teacher chose it for her.
You decide, but this example of political correctness highlights how some seemingly well-intentioned BBC projects are used as vessels for politically indoctrinating our young people, just as Sunday schools prey on the young to shape their worldview accordingly.

BBC Indoctrination

I am getting very pissed off with the BBC since last week’s Paris attacks. They try to ridicule the many voices of reason rather than ridicule the twisted ideology of “ISIS”. The BBC are going out of their way to get Muslims on air to defend their religion and reinforce the idea that it has nothing to do with “moderate” Muslims.

It has EVERYTHING to do with “moderate” Muslims!!!

All I heard after the Charlie Hedbo massacre – on the BBC! – was “moderate” Muslims denouncing the attacks but campaigning for laws against blasphemy and/or speaking ill of the Prophet Mohammed! At least two of the interviewees justified such measures for the simple reason that they respect Mohammed above members of their own family. They actually defend the respect of Mohammed before their own mothers and fathers, brothers or sisters!

No wonder there are so many “honour killings”.

And these people are supposed to be moderate.

If a Christian person said they would defend the name of Jesus before defending their own family members, I would label that person either crazy or an extremist (fundamentalist?). So why are we pussyfooting around the issue? Why are we flexing the boundaries of religious extremism for the want of accommodating Islamic differences in our society?

The attacks on Paris last week were a victory for the terrorists, but what opened the door to those attacks was the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which was an even greater victory! The Charlie Hebdo incident shamefully silenced the press. The Charlie Hebdo massacre removed freedom of speech.

All of our “leaders” are cowards. Even Putin looks like a pussycat in this scenario. And that makes me smile, at least.

There is one thing standing in the way of annihilation of crazy Islamists here in Europe (and the rest of the world) and that is political correctness and the refusal to admit something has gone very wrong here.