Billy Bragg – Working-Class Hero

Billy Bragg love music more than work
Billy Bragg

Billy Bragg: Representative of the Workshy. Let Billy write songs and poems whilst you slave away in the factories and foundries, the warehouses and on building sites.

Billy, forced by his own guilty conscience, will praise you and speak up for you. But he will never live like you or with you. He is a fraud. He feeds like a parasite on the blood of the truly righteous. The blood of those who live in misery and those who tolerate increasing amounts of daily struggle.

Billy Bragg – the man who thinks an acknowledgement in the form of a song can appease his own privilege. His actions do not add up to the sum of any kind of appeasement for the working man or woman.

Billy Bragg – the socialist. A socialist who will not rest until we are ALL socialists. The typical approach to a society of freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom to improve, individuality – because socialism has nothing to do with any of those aforementioned commodities. Socialism is about following an ideology, like a religion.

No, Billy Bragg is no working class hero – he is the enemy!

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