Another Example of BBC Bias…

Titled: Ways Trump’s victory might affect the UK

This is a blatant and biased anti-Trump publication by the BBC. Read it. Then do the maths. (or “math” if you’re from north America)

“The UK, European and Asian markets initially fell on news of America’s seismic election result. Many markets then largely recovered. ”

Actually, as the news was breaking of Trump’s triumph, UK sterling jumped in value to 1.14 EUR from 1.11 – that’s a SIGNIFICANT short-term change in value! Today, it stands at 1.15 – even better!

“But in the longer term? The euro also strengthened in early trading, up 0.4% higher against the dollar. But the pound is still a long way beneath where it was before the Brexit vote.”

Hmmn… Yes it is, but <i>just before</i> the result of the EU Referendum, the pound had risen in value to ridiculous levels on the expectation that the country would vote to remain in the EU.

As it is, the pound is just below where it was just over 3 years ago, long before there was even mention of an EU referendum.

Parity will prevail. Do not allow those who will lose most to instil panic within you. What do you have to lose?

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