Climate Change Deniers Show Their True Idiocy!

This is a reply to Old Bloke on the BiasedBBC website.


For your benefit, Old Bloke (and to keep in with the spirit of the humour) here’s what actually happened…

When the Met Office realised they were near to a record breaking temperature at Heathrow Airport, they phoned up loads of London businesses and asked them to crank up their air-conditioning units.

The Met Office waited, but realised that – although the extra air-conditioning output had warmed things up a bit – it wasn’t enough, so they asked Heathrow air traffic control to order a taxiing aeroplane to stop next to a weather station and rev up its engines.

Now, that is the only logical way it could be done under conspiracy conditions.

Why? Because any errors in the readings would be consistent with past and future readings. In the sceptics’ world, either the equipment is accurate and the Met Office are falsifying the figures, or the equipment/science/interpretation is inaccurate or just plain wrong!

Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world; there are planes taking off and landing every 45 seconds! And London is one of the biggest cities in the world with many tens of thousands of air-conditioning units. (Old Bloke (bless him) thinks there are “hundreds” which wouldn’t make a jot of difference to air temperature anyway!)

So, thinking logically – which isn’t easy for some regulars here – if the readings are influenced by planes at an airport, and air-conditioning units at a nearby city, surely the readings would have been equally influenced in the days before and after that record-breaking day?

The problem with the sceptics’ view is that they cannot come to any kind of conclusion as to what exactly is the universal flaw in “climate science” – is it a conspiracy or a naïve failure of science?

If it is a conspiracy then the science must be correct but in a fraudulent way; if the science is wrong then there is no conspiracy!

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